Program Goals

The goal of the DNP program is to educate advanced practice nurse leaders by:

  1. Creating an environment that promotes critical thinking;
  2. Analyzing health outcomes in specialized areas and/or population foci of nursing, within diverse and complex settings;
  3. Preparing students for leadership roles in organizational and/or public policy arenas;
  4. Preparing students to disseminate evidence-based practice findings; and
  5. Preparing students for advanced-practice certification.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Graduates will apply scientific knowledge while utilizing culturally competent and ethically sound principlesĀ to develop and execute a safe perianesthetic plan of care.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate critical thinking through integration of evidence from a variety of sources andĀ application of theoretical underpinnings to provide safe, quality care to all patients in a dynamic healthcare system.
  3. Graduates will demonstrate, through effective communication and interpersonal skills, therapeutic relationships with both patients and other healthcare providers.
  4. Graduates will possess the necessary skills to promote the advancement of the nurse anesthesia profession through quality patient outcomes for individuals, aggregates and anesthesia populations across the life span.
  5. Graduates will develop the skills and values required to apply the principles of life-long learning into their anesthesia practice.
  6. Graduates will demonstrate leadership skills to facilitate collaboration of healthcare providers.