Plan of Study

TMC Doctorate of Nursing Practice Degree Plan of Study

Summer I   Fall I   Spring I   Total
BIOL5510 & 5510L 4 BIOL5539 4 BIOL5540 4
Gross Anatomy for Nurse Anesthetists w/lab Mammalian Physiology Pathophysiology
N5615NA 2 PHARM5520 4 PHARM5530 4
Chemistry and Physics for the Nurse Anesthetist Pharmacology II Pharmacology III
LSMBB5510 1 N5612 3 N5555 3
Graduate Biochemistry for Nurse Anesthetists Statistics I or equivalent Nursing Research
N5601 NC N5619NAO 2 N5628NA1 2
Clinical Institute I Orientation to Nurse Anesthesia Practice Advanced Physical Health Assessment for the Nurse Anesthetist I
N5619NAB 2
Basic Principles of Nurse Anesthesia  Practice
Clinical Anesthesia Orientation
TOTAL 7 13 15 35
Summer II   Fall II   Spring II
N5609 1 N5607NA 2 N5619NA3 3
Clinical Institute II Health Care Policy & Leadership in Nurse Anesthesia Practice Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice III
N5627NA 1 N5619NA2 3 N5638NA1 1
Regional Anesthesia Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice II Pharmacology of Anesthesia I
N5628NA2 1 N5636NA 1 N5640NA 1
Advanced Physical Health Assessmt for the Nurse Anesthetist II Obstetrical Anesthesia Pediatric Anesthesia
N5619NA1 2 N5637 2 N5641NA 1
Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice I Healthcare Outcomes and Epidemiology Acute and Chronic Pain Management
N5650NA1 N5650NA2 N5674NA1 2
Clinical Anesthesia I Clinical Anesthesia II Scholarly Project in Nurse Anesthesia I
Clinical Anesthesa III
TOTAL 5 8 8 21
Summer III   Fall III   Spring III
N5659NA 2 N5661NA1 2 N5661NA2 1
Health Systems, Economics and Quality in Nurse Anesthesia Practice Anesthesia & Co-Existing  Diseases I Anesthesia and Co-Existing  Diseases II
N5638NA2 2 N5643NA 2 N5674NA4 2
Pharmacology of Anesthesia II Professional Practice for the Nurse Anesthetist Scholarly Project in Nurse Anesthesia IV
N5674NA2 2 N5674NA3 2 N56XX 1
Scholarly Project in Nurse Anesthesia II Scholarly Project in Nurse Anesthesia III Anes. Crisis Resource Management
N5650NA4 N5650NA5 N5642NA 1
Clinical Anesthesia IV Clinical Anesthesia V Comprehensive Review
Clinical Anesthesia VI
TOTAL 6 6 5 17
Program Total Cr Hrs 73

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Class of 2016

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our students, faculty, and alumni, our simulation lab is getting a makeover! At the annual CRNA Week Celebration and Fundraiser, Mitch Simmons emceed a new campaign: Fund-A-Need.

Attendees were given a short background and look into where the money would be directed – the TMC School of Nurse Anesthesia Simulation Laboratory. The room filled with excitement and energy. What an entertaining and invigorating event – in less than 10 minutes over $6000 was donated!

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